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Quality Elderly Care Services

Rest Home Care

All residents must be assessed by their local NASC agency before they can be admitted to a rest home. Usually the resident is mobile but may require some assistance from staff or a mobility aid e.g. Zimmer frame. They are independent in most aspects but may require some assistance with personal care and general day to day activities. Some residents may be at risk from falls or their general health is not too good and perhaps have had recent admissions to hospital.

Residents are able to personalize their bedrooms bringing in their favourite arm chair, dresser, photos etc. Family and friends are encouraged to visit and take the resident on outings. The facility should be treated as a home away from home.

Hospital Care

Residents who are assessed as requiring 24 hour Hospital nursing care of either a geriatric or palliative nature are admitted to our hospital facility and are much more dependent on our staff for mobility and personal cares. Each resident has an individualised care plan to provide the best care possible which is overseen by our Clinical Manager and Registered Nurses.

As we want our residents to feel at home it is important they are encouraged to do things they want and not be restricted. Their single bedrooms can be personalised with favourite items of furniture or personal items.

Dementia Care

Residents who require dementia care are assessed by Mental Health for the Older Person as they would be at risk of harm to themselves or others. They may wander off by themselves and get lost.

At Eastcare we have two secure dementia units, Tui Court and Korimoko one with 19 single bed rooms and Korimoko with 15 single bedrooms. The areas are light and airy with pretty gardens for residents to walk around. Staffing levels in these units are higher to give residents a higher level of care and supervision.

Independence is still encouraged but staff are on hand to assist the resident when required. Activities are encouraged at a pace the resident is comfortable with. Visits from family are very important and family are encouraged to be a part of our family.

Respite Care

This is available to families who care for their loved ones themselves at home to have a break occasionally. Residents have their own room during their stay and are encouraged to join in activities and daily life within our facility.

Day Care

Some people who continue to live at home often get lonely and bored. There is funding available so that they can visit the rest home on set days to enjoy the company and participate in activities we have on offer.

Night Care

Eastcare offers this service to families who care for their loved one at home. At times a good night’s sleep is not possible and the family carer can get very tired. This can then lead to them becoming run down and ill. An alternative is for their loved one to come into Eastcare perhaps once per week allowing the family carer some ‘time off’ They can come in after tea and leave after breakfast or whatever arrangements suit the family carer.

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